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I am associate professor in computer science at Arts & Métiers – ParisTech, attached to Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav) in France. I obtained a Ph.D. from University of Rennes 1 in France in 2003.  The thesis research was concerned with distributed systems and the contribution such a system can provide for the modelling and the simulation of transportation systems. I did post-doctoral studies within ACES project at INRIA Rennes where I participated to the design of a Java operating system for mobile appliances.

My current research is oriented to the modelling and design of location-based services. My work mainly concerns theoretical aspects of the design of ubiquitous and adaptive location-based services applied to human mobility, maritime and urban transportation systems. This research addresses the relationship between geographic information systems and the underlying computing architectures that support real-time tracking of mobile objects (pedestrian in indoor spaces, vehicles in urban areas and ships at sea). This work includes, at different level, integration of location-acquisition technologies, modelling of heterogeneous and large spatio-temporal datasets, movement data processing (cleaning, filtering, trajectory modelling, knowledge discovery), modelling of context-aware systems and traffic simulation and prediction.

My teaching activities include several computer science and computing courses that include computer architecture, operating systems, networks, relational databases, distributed systems. I have also developed several modules connected to my research activities in the domain of location-based services.

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