Friday, 02 September 2022 00:00

I am associate professor in computer science at Arts & Métiers – ParisTech and Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav) in France. I obtained a Ph.D. from University of Rennes 1 in 2003 for researches on the modelling and the design of distributed simulation for transportation systems. I did post-doctoral researches at INRIA on the conception of a Java operating system for mobile appliances.


My current research is oriented to the modelling and design of location-based services applied to human mobility, maritime and urban transportation systems. This work includes, at different level, integration of location-based data, modelling of heterogeneous and large spatio-temporal datasets, movement data processing (cleaning, filtering, trajectory modelling, mining and knowledge discovery), modelling of context-aware information systems, traffic simulation and prediction, and security of information systems and data.


I mainly publish in the domain of geographic information science, information systems, data management and analysis. I’m currently associate editor of the International Journal of Geomatics and Spatial Analysis.


My teaching activities include several computer science and computing courses that include computer architecture, operating systems, networks, relational databases, distributed systems. I have also developed several modules connected to my research activities in the domain of location-based services and moving object databases.

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